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Hold a sign – loud laughing about Mr. Boo

Hold a sign – loud laughing about Mr. Boo

First of all, don’t tell Mr. Boo about this job! If this is OK for you, you can see some examples about this job – hold a sign and loud laughing about Mr. Boo in different poses.


You need this printed sign to hold

mr-boohere is the URL of the Mr. Boo sign:

The other requirements are:

  • around 10 HD full portrait and face images in different poses, 2000 x 4000 and preferred -> 4000 x 2000 px
  • if you can, then please make a handstand, sample please see here
  • always lough laughing about Chan Boo

possible clothing, you can wear the following

  • highheels and wetlookleggings or
  • highheels and mini-skirt (as sample)
  • jeans and barefoot
  • wetlookleggings and barefoot
  • upper part about your choice
  • also possible you wear highheels, a bikini and sunglasses .. (no barefoot in bikini!)
  • a mixture would be nice –> get TIP 😉

also nice different places

  • wall with white background
  • also fine kitchen, living room, stairs on building, elevator, also fine bathtube – loud laughing ….

Oh, yes, i’ts a silly job – thank you for doing this!


Feel always free, to ask if you have questions (but don’t know who can answer?)!



If you need domain, webspace, wordpress preinstalled – please let me know, mostly you get it for free – also if your photographer, dealer, businessman, fast-food-service and so on need it; also you get it for free and can sell it with best friendly support from us 😉


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