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Different poses in landscape

A new series

Different poses in landscape

Here are the requirements:

  • Highheels and shiny-/wetlookleggings
  • much different poses
  • different gestures and facial expressions
  • nice landscape – park, sea, mountain …

And here are much examples for this photomodelwork:

poses-inspirationPhotosamples of excellent work by photomodel Yoana

Some more samples:

Dari-start-series-different-poses-highheels-wetlookleggingsSamples for different poses – also a high jump to the sky – by
photomodel Dari between big buildings – all photos with highheels and
wetlookleggings and always a very nice smiling on her face.


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What’s new?

Samples for series “What’s new?”

fitkis-whatsnew1 fitkis-whatsnewPhotomodel FitKis

joana-whatsnewPhotomodel Jo

What’s new?

Reading the newspaper

Outside, seating in the park (parkbank)

High heels (much higher, much better), shiny-/wetlookleggings

Sitting, lying on stomach and back on parkbank – some with and some photos without shoes (when without shoes, shoes with heels on photo!)

Around 5 HD photos with and around 5 HD photos without high heels – all photos different poses – some photos without newspaper – but always heels on photo!

More samples –

Muzka7: “Die Wahrheit”

More samples “whats new?” from Fashionbabybaby

Fashionbabybaby – erstellt Superphotos! 1AAA+++


fashionbabybaby-whatsnew2 fashionbabybaby-whatsnew1Whats new? Series done by Fashionbabybaby aka Cherri – 1AAA+++